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April 29, 2004

Where the hell have I been?

There is absolutely no excuse for me not updating my blog over the past month. I thought about it everyday but for some strange reason just didn't sit down and type. Once I realized I had so much to write about, I started procrastinating even more. On that note, let me give you an update.

This past month has been the busiest month ever for my budding photography career. First my buddy Loren and I made our annual trek to the Spring Break Buggy Blast. It was an amazing trip filled with lots of wind and photo ops until five days in when a storm front came in turned the dry lake into a actual lake. We did get a number of days of wonderful kite buggying and hanging with all our kiting friends who we usually only get to see once a year. My photography skills have grown ten fold since last year and I was able to get some of the best kiting pictures I have ever taken. I sure wish it didn't rain and I had more time to take pictures, but there is always next year.

Upon returning from SBBB I found that I had a daunting task of post editing over 3000 images. I had a number of people who were interested in licensing some of the pictures and a few magazines that needed pictures for their articles about the event, so I have been busy getting those images ready. Many late nights later I finally submitted the images to the magazines and created proofing galleries for the kite companies. My final task is to create a large gallery of most of the images so everyone who went to SBBB can look back and remember the great times. I'm hoping to get that finished before I leave for France in May.

Want to see some pictures? I've put together a couple galleries of my favorites (that I have edited so far) and you can find them here.
Gallery 1
Gallery 2

For those that just want a quick visual.

When it rains it pours.... One of my goals has been to get published in some magazines. Next month you will find a number of my images in not one, not two, but three magazines. I have images from SBBB going in Kiting (with the possibility of a cover shot), PowerKite (UK magazine - I don't think they have a website) and Stance International (a brand new international magazine dedicated to mountain boarding). To top that off, in the latest issue of Kiteboarding Magazine you can find five of my images in a full page ad for Hammersurf.

So what else have I been up to? Shooting, shooting, shooting. The waves have been up in Santa Cruz and the kitesurfing season is now open. Here are some of my favorites from recent shoots.

To view all my galleries, please take a look at Sports Shutter.
More to come soon, I promise.