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August 19, 2004

King of the Bay IV

This past weekend I spent three days shooting the King of the Bay kiteboarding and windsurfing contest in San Mateo, California. It was a great weekend, and a not so great weekend. The not so great was that the first two days of the contest, we waited around for hours hoping for the wind that never came. The contest was called off the first two days and then finally on Sunday, the wind started blowing and it kept going the entire day. This is when the contest went into overdrive and I got a chance to do some shootin. I managed to get some great shots that should soon be on their way to you in your favorite kiteboarding magazine.

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Kiteboarding Magazine
KiteSurf Magazine
KiteWorld Magazine
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If you are done subscribing you can now look at some of my images from the event. If you want to see lots of pictures from the event, head on over to www.SportsShutter.com.