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October 03, 2004

Close calls and Missed Shots

Yesterday I had a great private photo shoot with Jeff Kafka. Jeff is a professional kiteboarder and Kiteboarding magazine needed some shots of him kiting with a skimboard. I shot Jeff while in the water for nearly 3 hours. Shooting from the water is definitely my favorite type of shooting to do as it puts me right in the middle of the action. When shooting such fast moving, sometimes unpredictable action, close calls can be somewhat normal. Here is a shot from underwater, after I had to dive to avoid a skimboard to the head.

Along with the healthy does of danger, you also get the "Missed Shots". Those are the shots that you just almost make into a masterpiece but the cards didn't land right and you missed the shot.

Here is a perfect example. We had already been shooting for over 2 hours and my flash batteries were dying. Jeff came flying by but my flash wasn't ready. Instead I got a perfect, "Missed Shot".