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5 posts from March 2005

March 12, 2005

Blast from the past

I was looking around my house the other day for images to hang on the wall and I came across the picture above. "Naked", is an image that was done by one of my best friends during my college days at RIT. To give credit where credit is due, Jeff Keegan is the artist. When I first saw that image, I was blown away. It was different than all the other thousands of photographs I had seen, and it was way beyond my creative thinking. Jeff is just one of those people who dances to the beat of a different drum.

When I pulled the image out of my closest, I instantly remembered all the great times I had with Jeff and his girlfriend Carolyn. Every Thursday night I ventured over to his apartment in downtown Rochester to watch "Must See" TV, drink some beer, eat some grub and smoke some.... We'll leave it at that. Most of all I remember all the laughing.

The last time I had spoken to Jeff and Carolyn was just after 9.11 when I sent email to Jeff to make sure they were OK. That was all about to change.

A couple days ago I shot off an email to Jeff, hoping his address was still valid, and soon got a reply. Yesterday, my cell phone rings with a unknown caller ID and to my surprise it was my bud Jeff. We got the customary hi how you doing chat out the way and quickly turned into two little boys during show and tell after summer vacation. Damn it was great to hear from him and Carolyn. They are the only people I have stayed in touch with from college.

It's hard to explain, but me, Jeff and Carolyn are so totally different people, but we get along like the best of friends. I miss them just as much as I miss the rest of my family. Being 3500 miles apart makes casual correspondence something that just doesn't happen. Hopefully, that is all about to change.

Something that Jeff and I have always had in common is kites. We used to drive over to Lake Ontario to fly our stunt kites on the beach. I still have the kite that I once thought was a gem to fly. While talking to Jeff I mentioned my upcoming annual kiting trip to Spring Break Buggy Blast (now called North America Buggy Expo). Several hours later I got another call from Jeff and he told me he and Carolyn were seriously thinking about flying out to join me. WOW! That would be amazing. Having them come out to the dry lakes to experience what I consider my favorite time of the year would be nothing short of spectacular.

So now it begins. The rekindling of a friendship that I hope will last forever. Jeff and Carolyn, I really love you guys. Please, let's stay in touch.

March 05, 2005

Mavericks Gallery is up

Finally got through processing some of the images from the Mavericks Surf Contest. I am a very happy camper. Got some excellent shots to share with everyone and some to print up and hang on my wall. The D2X worked out perfectly and produced beautiful, crystal clear images. The biggest challenge is managing the amount of memory it takes to store all the images. Even my new 4gb flash card is no match for 12.4 megapixels.


March 03, 2005

Mavs Surf Contest update

I spent the entire day yesterday on a small boat taking pictures of the Mavs Surf Contest. It was amazing day filled with beautiful weather, big waves and some of the best surfers in the world. It was one of those days I will remember for the rest of my life.

I haven't had time to go through all my pictures just yet, but I did quickly go through my shots from the finals and pulled out images of the three top finishers.

My hat off to all the surfers as you guys are some of the best athletes in the world and are committed to risking your lives to do what you love. Thanks.

Contest Results: First Place - Anthony Tashnick (local Santa Cruz guy) Second Place - Greg Long Third Place - Tyler Smith

Click on images to view larger size

Anthony Tashnick

Greg Long

Tyler Smith

Many more images to come...

March 01, 2005

Extra D2X Body For Sale

Camera has been sold - Thanks for all the responses.

It seems as though there are some strange gamma rays in the air today. My local camera shop called this morning at 8am to tell me my D2X just arrived. I checked with B&H and they had my order listed as backordered so I went over to the local shop and picked up the camera. When I got to work I contacted B&H customer service and canceled my order.

About 30 minutes ago I got a shipping confirmation from B&H along with a tracking number. What the!! Checked my credit card, and sure enough B&H charged the card and the camera is on its way.

So now I have two brand new camera bodies. One sitting next to me, the other on its way overnight from NYC.

I don't need both so the one coming from B&H is now up for sale. Contact me for details. I won't be around tomorrow - I'll be at Mavericks - so don't worry if you don't hear back from me immediately.

Mavericks Surf Contest is on

I got the call, the contest is on for tomorrow (March 2nd).

Offical Contest Website