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2 posts from July 2005

July 24, 2005

Self Portraits

I was going through a bunch of my galleries tonight and got a laugh at some of my self portraits. Enjoy.

July 23, 2005

So many updates, so little time...

Once again I neglected my poor little photography blog. The longer I waited to write an update, the harder it was for me to get it done. Sounds like A.D.D. doesn't it? In any case, I'm sitting next to my pool with a very wet Labrador, a bottle of Pale Ale and my laptop. What a good time to post a message.

Much has happened in the past four months. I've been traveling a bit seeking out some of the best terrain and athletes to photograph.


Mt. Hood

In mid March I headed to Skyline Utah (10,000 foot altitude) to attend the Ozone Snowkite Masters tour. I had no idea what a treat I was in for. Besides the most spectacular views you could imagine, I got to do a private shoot with Gui llaume "Chasta" Chastagnol. Now I've seen thousands of people kite and some that could pull jumps as high as five story buildings. But never did I imagine someone would do that over solid ground and then soar down the face of a mountain for a couple hundred yards. Chasta was just that person. I started shooting when he first made a jump and quickly realized he wasn't just jumping, he was actually flying. Hang times of over a minute had me scratching my head wondering how to actually take pictures of such an amazing feat. In the end I managed to get some of the best kiting images I have ever taken.



Shortly after the Snowkite Masters trip I headed out to the dry lakes for my annual trip to Spring Break Buggy Blast. Actually, this was the first year with a new name for the event, NABX (North America Buggy Expo). It turned out to be a spectacular year (unlike last year when we got rained out). We had wind for 8 days straight. I actually didn't take nearly as many pictures as I normally do since I spent most of the time kiting. The conditions were just too good not to have some fun.



Me and Gabe

After returning from NABX, my buddy Loren and I decided to take up Paragliding. We've thought about over the years but never really put much effort into learning what it really was all about. We dove in head first and managed to breeze through the intensive lessons and get our license in record time. Since then we have been spending all our spare time (Loren has much more spare time than I do) flying along the coast. We've even managed to do a mountain trip and a trip to Point of the Mountain Utah. The way this sport gets in your blood, I definitely think Loren and I will be going on many paragliding trips in the future.


Self Portrait

A few weeks ago I spent several days in Utah doing a huge photo shoot for Ozone Kites. I've been wanting to work with those guys for years now. Finally they recognized my work and gave me the call. Keep your eyes out for the latest Ozone advertisements.


Ozone Kites

Last week I took a nice vacation to Oregon with my wife to hang out, scope out real estate (for the future) and take some pictures along the way. We spent most of the time in Hood River and headed out to the coast for a day to hook up with friends Eli and Brooke.

Bri Chmel

Eli Anderson