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May 27, 2006

Canon Prograf iPF5000

I've been keeping an eye on the inkjet industry looking for something to replace my Epson 7600. While I love the prints from my Epson, I find myself rarely needing the full 24" width that the 7600 can handle and I really would rather have the ability to load a stack of cut paper instead of using a roll (or manually feeding a single sheet at a time). Canon just recently released the new Prograf iPF5000 but finding any useful reviews has been difficult. Finally today I came across a new review of the printer from Red River Paper and I think I may be staying with Epson. Before I make my decision I will need to see some side-by-side results with own images and some more reviews.

I'm sure Michael at The Luminous Landscape will have a review of the Canon iPF5000 sometime in the future. That is one review that will hold a lot of merit for me. Hurry up Michael!!


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