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May 12, 2006

Murphy Dog Studios - Pet Photography

While I love doing my action sports photography, it has some serious downsides. The major issue is that it is impossible to make enough money shooting the sports that I do shoot and continue to live in the Bay Area (unless I wanted to share a house with 15 other people). Another type of photography that I love to do is Pet Photography. Up until this point, I have only done it for fun. A few months ago it hit me that this might be a way for me to make a decent living doing my photography. I'm in the process of doing extensive research about the market for pet photography and should have a business plan completed soon. I figure I will test the waters for a year or so and then decide if it is going to be a viable business. In the meantime I have already begun setting up a new website for the business and I invite you to take a look. The business name was inspired by my dog, Murphy.

Murphy Dog Studios


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Great work! I too am trying to figure out how to make a living shooting what interests me. Just out of curiosity, how do you get access to the boats for Mavericks. I went to the contest and could not get any descent shots from my view point. Thanks!

Just checked out your site for Murphy Dog Studios. Fantastic work - you really have a knack for capturing unusual but still very artistic and stylish shots - not just the nice dog sitting still type - your pics really capture the personality!!! I do wish you success! Would love to see you at our new pet photography forum - I'm hoping to get a few pet photographers together to share ideas and pics.



I was googling some pet photography images and came across this shot. It stood out a mile. SUPER Shot!!!!

Really love it!

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