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4 posts from May 2006

May 27, 2006

Canon Prograf iPF5000

I've been keeping an eye on the inkjet industry looking for something to replace my Epson 7600. While I love the prints from my Epson, I find myself rarely needing the full 24" width that the 7600 can handle and I really would rather have the ability to load a stack of cut paper instead of using a roll (or manually feeding a single sheet at a time). Canon just recently released the new Prograf iPF5000 but finding any useful reviews has been difficult. Finally today I came across a new review of the printer from Red River Paper and I think I may be staying with Epson. Before I make my decision I will need to see some side-by-side results with own images and some more reviews.

I'm sure Michael at The Luminous Landscape will have a review of the Canon iPF5000 sometime in the future. That is one review that will hold a lot of merit for me. Hurry up Michael!!

May 12, 2006

Murphy Dog Studios - Pet Photography

While I love doing my action sports photography, it has some serious downsides. The major issue is that it is impossible to make enough money shooting the sports that I do shoot and continue to live in the Bay Area (unless I wanted to share a house with 15 other people). Another type of photography that I love to do is Pet Photography. Up until this point, I have only done it for fun. A few months ago it hit me that this might be a way for me to make a decent living doing my photography. I'm in the process of doing extensive research about the market for pet photography and should have a business plan completed soon. I figure I will test the waters for a year or so and then decide if it is going to be a viable business. In the meantime I have already begun setting up a new website for the business and I invite you to take a look. The business name was inspired by my dog, Murphy.

Murphy Dog Studios

May 02, 2006

Rob has multiplied!

That's right! On February 21st, 2006, my wife and I gave birth to Skyler Anthony Vreeland. He weighed in at 8lbs 8oz of pure joy and is now quickly packing on the weight and smiling like crazy.

NABX 2006

At the beginning of April I made my annual trip to the North America Buggy Expo (NABX - Previously known as SBBB) held in the Mojave Desert. Like all years past, it was an amazing trip filled with lots of great kiting wind, amazing friends and just all around good times.

Complete Gallery - NABX 2006