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February 18, 2008

More custom toning using Aperture 2.0

Here are the results of more custom toning using Aperture 2.0. I'm surprised how much fun it is to do. When I finished creating the images, I looked at them and the first thing I thought of was the name I gave the tone.

Boardwalk Download Settings (103.3K)

Cool Sea
Sea Foam Download Settings (85.6K)

Antique Download Settings (93.9K)

Urban Slime
Urban Slime Download Settings (86.8K)

Leather Wallet
Leather Wallet Download Settings (105.3K)


absolutely amazing ... are you going to post the settings ??? thAT would be awesome !!!

I really love the urban slime tone - kinda a cross-processed look and feel ...

I saw your post on the Apple discussion page and I agree 100% about what I thought was a lack of split toning in Aperture. Before I made the commitment to Aperture I fell in love with the toning in Lightroom and I would even export a Tiff from Aperture just to bring it into Lightroom to tone it.
I just took a moment to try the settings you've developed and they are great. Thanks for sharing this! This has opened up some great possibilities for me.
Keep up the good work!

Good for people to know.

The settings are no longer online. Since I really like them, I wondered whether there's any chance you put them back up?

PLease make them downloadable again!!! Thanks

Amazing, Never know aperture can be used in this way. Could you tell me how to download your settings? It seems doesn't work right now

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