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February 16, 2008

Toning in Aperture

One thing that I love about Lightroom is the ability to do split toning. LR makes it so easy, a monkey could do it (sorry monkeys). While I was hoping Aperture 2.0 would add split toning as a feature, they did not. That didn't stop me from trying a bunch of magic to match the toning in LR. It sure wasn't as easy, but the results are close. I'm sure if I spent another 15 minutes I could match the outputs of both applications.

Here is the original, as shot, directly out of Aperture

Here is the toned version using Lightroom

And finally, here is the toned version from Aperture

Just to see what the Aperture settings would do to a totally different type of image
Not bad at all...


Just a "quick" question: How did you do it?

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